About The Angle

The Angle is an eclectic documentary web series that features a variety of topics, people, places or things affecting American Culture—all with a creative twist à la Park Triangle Productions. The series explores subjects from a variety of angles or perspectives and covers a wide range of topics, from food and sex, to religion and modern politics. Personalities run the gamut from intellectuals and activists to artists and the girl next door.

Unlike your typical documentary series, our commentary doesn’t come strictly from experts, but also from everyday people who offer their insights and criticisms, and share their candid opinions, artistic expressions and true life stories.

The Angle enables more voices to be heard, and we don’t shy away from controversy. Prepare to be entertained, inspired and even offended. We are always looking for real world people with interesting stories, ideas, or artistry to contribute to future episodes. Do you have something to say? Then tell us, what’s your angle?

How can I be a part of this?

Just contact us (email or contact form) and tell us what you’d like to do. We are looking for people with interesting stories or ideas as well as singers, dancers, musicians and folks with some quirky talent or ability. We are open to just about anything. From there we will determine where it fits in a “conversation”.

What the selections are all about

There are several basic selections in the concept of the Angle. We have full episodes, mixes and individual pieces as well as visual narratives.


An episode here on The Angle can center around a number of things and several things in a single episode.

  • Interesting person
  • Interesting place
  • Great topic or subject.
  • An event.


These are “mini episodes” but very focused perspectives on subjects without the artistic mix.


These are fun collaborative pieces of ideas, people, mediums and visuals.

Spaces (and Places)

Visual Shorts that tell the perspective of a cinematographer/editor. These may be set to on set composed pieces of music or rest inside natural sound. No candid interviews or spoken perspective here.


Simple expressions by one or more people in either a solo rendition or a string of perspectives.

Expect the “conversation” to grow as the Angle is an ongoing collection of perspectives and new ways to mix/mash/combine them. Expect the connectivity to blossom as people share the media across social networks and embed our content.  We are in this for the long haul and for the love of expression.

Gemal Woods, Creator/Director


Do Your Angle Today!

If you're in Washington, DC, call and schedule a time to come by our studio and contribute to our Documentary Web Series. Also catch us on the road as well. We might be traveling to a city near you.