“American Values” by Erica Woods

American Values


Big bank exec regrets a fraudulent scheme

Underpaid staff were forced to leave

Customers robbed of money and privacy

He’ll get a bonus this year


Murderous police wield the gun

Another black body taken down

There’s a crime on the camera but since there’s no sound

She’ll get paid leave


Wild frat parties

“Boys will be boys!”

Unconscious girl becomes a sex toy

Jail time would be

much too hard on the lad

He’ll graduate on time


He bought the house with an A-R-M

The bank got relief but

there was none for him

The market crashed, he lost his job


He’ll move in with mom


Tired of seeing humans gunned down on TV

When the anthem is sung he takes a knee

Fans maddened by his audacity but

not by murder with impunity

So, they burn his jersey


She was violated, unconscious at the time

Body probed for evidence, questions fill her mind

what did you wear, did you drink, did you say no

She would have if she could have

The victim pays for the crime



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