Angle Images

Sometimes a picture has more to say than the moving image—hence, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It can allow one to examine an instance in emotion, where moving image renders the opportunity to quickly adjust and belie our true feelings. We can also evaluate a structure or form without quick pan or fancy edit to take it all away. We’ve decided to add a collection of stills to this project.

These are the images of The Angle from the eye of its director, Gemal Woods. There will be other contributors from time to time and they will be credited as well. This collection will grow and as it grows, we will rotate and organize accordingly. You may also go directly to The Angle Flickr account to directly see our collection of images.

Feel free to share and comment on the Flickr hosted images. They are free for the world to use (just credit them appropriately if you use them) .We hope these still images inspire you as well as the moving images . Thank you for “focusing” in on The Angle.


Do Your Angle Today!

If you're in Washington, DC, call and schedule a time to come by our studio and contribute to our Documentary Web Series. Also catch us on the road as well. We might be traveling to a city near you.