The Angle is ONE Year Bold!

We are 365 days old and feeling bold. With over 14,000 visitors and many times that in page views, we think it’s safe to write that the project has been a true success. With a small budget and large passion to make The Angle a vibrant and entertaining portal for perspective and art, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. While Park Triangle Productions and the direction of Gemal Woods are at the heart of The Angle, many other creative professionals have made this project possible.

First we’d like to thank Paige Hernandez for her work as The Angle’s host and many times producer. She is an awesome creative force in the theatre world and brings tremendous experience to this project. Many times we barely build a script, yet she is so deft that with a little research and her sharp mind, she’s able to ask the right questions and drive each hosted production in the right direction.

Producers like Erica Woods, Dr. Andre Perry and Baye Harrell also have also made this project possible, from fund raising, writing, producing to even picking up a camera here and there. Lisa Missenda and Hamilton Riley have lent their technical and creative talents to many of the productions you see on The Angle. We thank them dearly.

We’d also like to thank contributors to this project, as they are the core of what we do. For those that have visited Park Triangle Productions in DC or our several off site productions, we are nothing without you. From the witty spoken word pieces by Drew “Brokeballer” Anderson to the melodic music of William Wytold Lebing, we hope your work on The Angle continues to inspire those searching the digital realm for years to come.

We have also featured organizations and businesses like Busboys & Poets and in return, they have promoted the work we have done through tweets and Facebook posts. They have helped us grow our fan base and we hope our productions have served them as well.

As we move into our second year we are going to step up the art and substance of The Angle and go places we haven’t been before. We are working on some revenue generating ideas and a broadcast component. We are on track to producing a 30-minute broadcast component before 2013 comes to a close.

Thanks for all the support and tune in daily to The Angle. Don’t forget to follow at us on Twitter at @theangleshow and “like” us on Facebook as well.




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