Carolyn Malachi: Dear Sir

Songstress, musician, dancer, spoken word artist, and social philanthropist are just a few titles held by 2011 Grammy Nominee, Carolyn Malachi (CM). CM is a Washington DC native whose great-grandfather happens to be legendary Jazz pianist John Malachi (acc. Sarah Vaughan, Pearl Bailey, Al Hibbler). She was born from musical roots but did not grow into her talent until 2005, when she was a junior at Shepherd University. After taking a course in sound design, and awakening her sleepy college town with performances on campus and in local clubs, CM realized the power of the arts to make people feel comfortable in their own skin.

CM’s soothing genre-bending blend of Jazz, World, R&B, and Spoken Word has drawn comparisons to Sade, Janelle Monae, and Amy Winehouse. She released the albums Revenge of the Smart Chicks in 2008 and Revenge of the Smart Chicks II in 2009. According to CM, the ‘Revenge of the Smart Chicks’ albums reveal the inner workings of a Smart Chick, which she defines as “any woman who is smart enough to make the daily decision to be authentic.” CM founded the Smart Chicks Network in 2009.

Her 2010 release, the “Lions, Fires & Squares” EP, comprised songs regarding relationships, love, and strength. The songs bear influence of her 2010 tours in South Africa. The single “Orion” earned CM a 2011 Grammy Nomination for Best Urban / Alternative Performance.

The Washington Post describes CM’s infectious musical style as “Hard to put in words”. Centric TV raves, “You know those singers whose music captures you, spins you around —and you love every minute of the journey? Well, Carolyn Malachi falls in that category.” CM is quickly becoming an international household name. Fans around the world identify with her new-age Jazz sound and her personal story.

CM’s path to earning a 2011 Grammy nomination was not easy. In 2009, she experienced traumatic hardships. She lost her job, house, car and other material possessions. To add fuel to the fire, she was involved in a bad relationship and became ill. CM wrapped herself into music for comfort and motivation, thereby turning her adversity into opportunity and a contagious mantra – “Onward n’ upward”.

In her currently untitled 2012 album, CM plans to reveal most – not all – of the details surrounding her personal story. She credits fans around the world for the buzz surrounding the album’s first single, “Beautiful Dreamer”, a motivating fusion of Jazz, Pop, and R&B peppered with West African percussion. FOX News, Centric TV, Clutch Magazine, and more praise the “Beautiful Dreamer” song for its timeless sound and the video for its timely message which was inspired by President Barack Obama’s “It Gets Better” campaign speech.

CM makes people believe in the power of their own dreams. She completes her high-minded aesthetic with haute couture and signature feather lashes from INK Cosmetics. “I wear feathers on my eyes as a reminder to always let your visions take flight.”



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