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  • Isolda Pazo-Siero: LATINOLA

    Isolda Pazo-Siero: LATINOLA

    Isolda Pazo-Siero stopped by Loyola University in New Orleans with her family to share her experience living in Kenner and working with the Puentes New Orleans Inc. http://puentesno.org/

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  • Attila Domos: Overcoming Life’s Challenges

    Attila Domos: Overcoming Life’s Challenges

    Also at: www.attiladomos.com I love debates (not arguments), love my Pens, Steelers and my fantasy football team! I’m turned off by unintelligent and/or narrow minded people. I don’t believe in the impossible and I hate negativity. It’s counter productive for man kind as a species. I hate war mongers and soldiers of fortune. I also dislike selfish people. There’s a whole world out there we can affect positively and truly build a better tomorrow, but we’re busy bickering about stupid religious […]

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  • Dr. Peter Scharf: Community Education

    Dr. Peter Scharf: Community Education

    Peter Scharf Research Professor Department of Global Health Systems and Development Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine 1440 Canal Street, Suite 2200 New Orleans, LA 70112 Phone: 504.988.3655 Fax: 504.988.3653 pscharf@tulane.edu Research Interests: Criminal justice, law enforcement and forensics, technology and education Educational Background: AB, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York EdD, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts Professional Achievements: 2008 Foundations of Excellence award winner, Texas State University 2008 Nobel Public Service Presentation “Crime and the Knowledge Economy” […]

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  • Harold Clay: Disconnected Youth

    Harold Clay: Disconnected Youth

    Harold Clay is the Academy Director at Edna Karr Charter High School in New Orleans, LA. http://www.algierscharterschools.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=73244&type=d

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  • Makiyah Moody: Who to Save

    Makiyah Moody: Who to Save

    Makiyah has been involved in the education reform movement for the last nine years serving in various roles at Leadership for Quality Education’s Charter School Resource Center in Chicago, KIPP Foundation in Chicago and KIPP LEAD College Prep in Gary, Indiana. She has experience in fundraising and grant management, event planning, professional development, and program design and implementation.

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  • Deborah Cotton: Reconnecting the Disconnected

    Deborah Cotton: Reconnecting the Disconnected

    Writer, filmmaker, covering all things New Orleans.

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  • Wes Felton: Regrets

    Wes Felton: Regrets

    Wes Felton: Son of Jazz Legend and Pioneer Hilton C. Felton Jr. continuing his legacy of making musical footprints instead stepping into the shoes of conformity. This are just some of the over 20 records recorded by Wes Felton in the last 10 years. http://wesfelton.bandcamp.com/

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  • Pages Matam: Hip Hop

    Pages Matam: Hip Hop

    Pages Matam: Teacher, Spoken Word Artist, full time dad. The coolest African you will ever meet. A light way ahead of its shine. Artist. Teacher. Creator. https://twitter.com/pagesofle

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  • Pledging Greek: Aki & Lee

    Pledging Greek: Aki & Lee

    Lee and Aki agree to disagree about pledging Greek.

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  • Ron McClain: Fatherhood

    Ron McClain: Fatherhood

    Ronald P. McClain is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), who received a law degree (JD) from Loyola University Law School in 2004. Mr. McClain is employed as President and Chief Executive Officer of Family Service of Greater New Orleans. He previously served for approximately nine years as Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Bureau of New Orleans. Mr. McClain, who is the immediate past chair of the Long Term Recovery Organization for Orleans parish (CARE), and vice chair of the […]

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