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  • Spaces: Christylez Bacon Beatbox in Brasília, Brazil

    Spaces: Christylez Bacon Beatbox in Brasília, Brazil

    Through the Washington Sound Museum (WSM), Christylez Bacon visits the Brasilia, Brazil to connect with music and culture. While there, he connected with a local beat box artists and a quick beatbox session jumps off.

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  • Spaces – Cecily feat. Nighttime Exploration of Penn Quarter

    Spaces – Cecily feat. Nighttime Exploration of Penn Quarter

    Cecily paid us a visit at our office in Penn Quarter. We in turn explored Penn Quarter with our cameras, Angle style. Cecily is a young vocalist and songwriter whose sweet soprano and honest lyrics have garnered attention and loyal fans not only in her native Washington DC, but also up and down the East Coast. Unmoved by passing trends, Cecily’s sound is rooted in a deep appreciation for mid-century soul and jazz, 90’s R&B, and re-imagined folk music. She […]

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  • Spaces – VeVe & Tha Rebels feat. Baltimore from Up High

    Spaces – VeVe & Tha Rebels feat. Baltimore from Up High

    Using art to embody the feelings of a movement have long been practiced. VeVe & The Rebels use their piece to speak about the current tension felt by America surrounding the deaths of blacks by police. Coupled with images of Baltimore, a city that is in a growing list of hubs centered in this ‘movement’, VeVe & Tha Rebels help bring life to feelings felt by many. ve ve and the rebels

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  • Spaces: Malcolm X / Meridian Hill Park feat. the Cornel West theory

    Spaces: Malcolm X / Meridian Hill Park feat. the Cornel West theory

    Meridian Hill Park is a structured urban park located in the Washington, D.C neighborhood of Columbia Heights; it also abuts the nearby neighborhood of Adams Morgan. The park was designed and built between 1912 and 1940. This 12 acre (49,000 m²) formally landscaped site is maintained by the National Park Service as a part of Rock Creek Park, but is not contiguous with that much larger nearby park. Meridian Hill Park is bordered by 15th, 16th, W, and Euclid Streets […]

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  • Da Button Pusha: Hip Hop and Brown Skin

    Da Button Pusha: Hip Hop and Brown Skin

    Da Button Pusha is a pioneering entrepreneur, activist and artist. She is the President of JBTV.com, a popular web based music media site. www.JPBTV.com

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  • Pages Matam: Hip Hop

    Pages Matam: Hip Hop

    Pages Matam: Teacher, Spoken Word Artist, full time dad. The coolest African you will ever meet. A light way ahead of its shine. Artist. Teacher. Creator. https://twitter.com/pagesofle

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  • Kareema Cockrell: Bluu

    Kareema Cockrell: Bluu

    Kareema Cockrell is a Syracuse, NY native now living in Washington DC.

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  • Billy Bang: Introduction

    Billy Bang: Introduction

    Billy Bang (born January 26, 1987) is an acclaimed independent rapper, engineer, producer, and award winning actor who has the entire DMV (DC,MD, VA) metro area music scene buzzing. Born and raised in the housing projects of LeFrak City Queens, Billy Bang has steadily been making a name for himself on the independent music scene since relocating to Washington D.C. over 6 years ago. After first being featured on SoSo Def recording artist Brandon Hines 2005 debut album, Love Music, […]

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  • Lowercase Letters: Hook​-​Up Fee

    Lowercase Letters: Hook​-​Up Fee

    Alphie and JB, also known as lowercase letters, came by the studios to share stories and songs. We had a great time with them. This was one of their gems. Follow them on Twitter (http://twitter.com/lowercaselmnop) and check out their links below. You can also buy their music on iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-g/id477750081). http://www.lowercaselettersmusic.com/ http://www.johnbeckhammusic.com/

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  • AMGBeeBoy: Hip Hop Introduction

    AMGBeeBoy: Hip Hop Introduction

    AMG (All Money Good) is a power duo reigning straight out of New Orleans,La. AOne and BeeBoy mix two different deliveries combining into some of the hottest bars of their generation.AOne,representing the 9th ward of New Orleans, and BeeBoy,coming out of Holly Grove,USA. Their creating music for all generations.After linking up in Atlanta,Ga,(after hurricane katrina)the two has been sticking together ever since bringing Good music to the table. http://www.reverbnation.com/amgallmoneygood

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