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  • Mello D: Hip-Hop

    Mello D: Hip-Hop

    Hip-hop band Mello-D & the Rados was founded by Darnley “Mello-D” Hodge in Richmond, Virginia in 1996. Mello-D was born August 1, 1977 in New Haven, Connecticut. In 1980, he and his family moved to Alexandria, Virginia. At the age of nine Darnley started playing clarinet and saxophone. He also began rapping.

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  • Bobby Beatz: Fatherhood

    Bobby Beatz: Fatherhood

    Bobby Beatz, Bio: I am a lot of things Rapper, Husband, Father, That Dude, Rap George Clooney, Vigilanty, Writer, Producer, Actor, Son, Abstract, Street, Backpack, Next Level, Addict, Old School, Issue to Issue, Child of the November Sky, Scorpion King, Epic Flow, Throwback, Steeler Nation, in progress, to be continued… From: Pittsburgh, DMV, MV, Brooklyn they are all home to me! http://soundcloud.com/kwame-is-beatz

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  • Paradise Gray: Commentary Hip-Hop

    Paradise Gray: Commentary Hip-Hop

    Hip-hops (Real Life) Forest Gump! Paradise Gray was raised in The South Bronx during the days of Reaganomics, the trickle down theory was in full effect. With live entertainment being financially inaccessible, the young people began to create their own forms of entertainment.

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  • Abdul Ali: Burying the “N-word”

    Abdul Ali: Burying the “N-word”

    Abdul Ali is a culture writer, poet, editor, change agent, and proud papa of one–living in the District of Columbia since 2005. Originally from New York City, he lived in Baltimore for five years before moving to the District to attend the historic Howard University where he majored in English and Theater and began writing. An eclectic writer and die-hard culture junkie, his work ranges from personal essays, poetry, reviews, feature interview, culture writing, to a play in-progress, and one […]

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  • Calvin Mackie: Obama

    Calvin Mackie: Obama

    Dr. Calvin Mackie is an award-winning mentor, a critically acclaimed author, an internationally renowned motivational speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. His message challenges the thinking of business people, government officials, educators and students and his content transcends issues of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and political affiliation. Dr. Mackie is a compelling and inspirational speaker who brings his epic personal story, academic expertise, and incredible charisma to each of his award-winning presentations. From the Fortune 500 company to the owner-managed enterprise, […]

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  • Erica Woods: Lullaby

    Erica Woods: Lullaby

    Erica Woods, writer/producer/mother of the Angle. She wrote this a few years back.

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  • Vera Oye Yaa-Anna: Feeding My Clothes

    Vera Oye Yaa-Anna: Feeding My Clothes

    Vera Oye Yaa-Anna, affectionately known as Auntie Oye, is executive producer of a West African dinner theatre, Palaver Hut. She teaches personal narrative to youth and adults through storytelling, dance, music, theatre and cuisine, transforming performance settings into West African villages.

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  • Carolyn Malachi: Dear Sir

    Carolyn Malachi: Dear Sir

    Songstress, musician, dancer, spoken word artist, and social philanthropist are just a few titles held by 2011 Grammy Nominee, Carolyn Malachi (CM). CM is a Washington DC native whose great-grandfather happens to be legendary Jazz pianist John Malachi (acc. Sarah Vaughan, Pearl Bailey, Al Hibbler). She was born from musical roots but did not grow into her talent until 2005, when she was a junior at Shepherd University. After taking a course in sound design, and awakening her sleepy college […]

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  • Young Tree: Emceeing

    Young Tree: Emceeing

    Kentry Kinard, also known as Young Tree, is a writer, journalist, activist, spoken word artist and emcee.

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  • Dante Pope & Jabari: Steal Away

    Dante Pope & Jabari: Steal Away

    Gospel meets Hip Hop.

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