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  • Spaces: Malcolm X / Meridian Hill Park feat. the Cornel West theory

    Spaces: Malcolm X / Meridian Hill Park feat. the Cornel West theory

    Meridian Hill Park is a structured urban park located in the Washington, D.C neighborhood of Columbia Heights; it also abuts the nearby neighborhood of Adams Morgan. The park was designed and built between 1912 and 1940. This 12 acre (49,000 m²) formally landscaped site is maintained by the National Park Service as a part of Rock Creek Park, but is not contiguous with that much larger nearby park. Meridian Hill Park is bordered by 15th, 16th, W, and Euclid Streets […]

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  • Candice Danielle: 22

    Candice Danielle: 22

    Candice Danielle is a writer and emerging teaching artist originally from the Midwest who entered the world of performance poetry amid that awkward falling-apart phase of finding one’s self in college on the east coast. Her strong desire to piece together again drew her to craft her own literary therapy that self-defined and freed her from past muffling traditions and religious aesthetic. Now an elementary school educator by day, Candice is continuing to share her journey of discovery with the […]

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  • Spaces: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (A Rose Out of The Gardens, feat. Maria Fenton)

    Spaces: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (A Rose Out of The Gardens, feat. Maria Fenton)

    Maria Fenton is a playwright, entrepreneur, and artist. She is also the founding principal consultant of the creative works consulting firm, ArtLifeStyle. An experienced actress on the stage and in film, she has performed in productions in Boston, New York and The District of Columbia. This poem, “Rose”, is an extract from her play, Mistresspiece, published by ALS Publishing. http://www.alsconsultant.com   Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (From Site) Coming here in the 1800s,Walter Shaw found the wetlands were a good place to build […]

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  • Yah Lioness: Black Love, Black Power

    Yah Lioness: Black Love, Black Power

    Chastity “Yah Lioness” Cheatham is the founder of Big Juicy Records. She’s a Songwriter, Emcee, Educator and Creative Consultant. She delivers a spoken word piece, Black Love, Black Power. Follow her on twitter: @SolSis9BigJuicy

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  • Kareema Cockrell: Bluu

    Kareema Cockrell: Bluu

    Kareema Cockrell is a Syracuse, NY native now living in Washington DC.

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  • Young Tree: Poetic Struggle

    Young Tree: Poetic Struggle

    Kentry Kinard, also known as Young Tree, is a writer, journalist, activist, spoken word artist and emcee. http://theurbanrevival.com/

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  • Tiffany “Traye” Raye: Rescue

    Tiffany “Traye” Raye: Rescue

    Tiffany “Traye” Raye hails from The Bronx, NYC. She shared with us while filming in Brooklyn. She’s a rising star on the poetry scene.

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  • Theo Hollingsworth: Working Towards Maat

    Theo Hollingsworth: Working Towards Maat

    Theo is a graduate of Howard University’s film program and is currently working in production.

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  • Monika Pearson (La Doodlebug): Hip Hop

    Monika Pearson (La Doodlebug): Hip Hop

    Monika “La Doodlebug” Pearson is a native of Northern Virginia, just minutes from the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC. She has been writing since the age of 12 – poetry being a signature talent of hers that she showed off in high school, as well as college. Monika received a Bachelors in Audio Production in 2011 and has a background in journalism. She can be found within the spoken word community, mostly found on U Street and is also a contributing […]

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  • Asha Shannon: Spoken Word

    Asha Shannon: Spoken Word

    (in her own words) My name is asha. i was born in japan. traveled the world and im only nineteen. i have found beauty in every aspect of art, whether it be in graffiti or dance or spoken word. art , music, and a creative flow have been my life source in this world. I’m a firm beliver in old type philosophy. scholars . im on some heavey new world, build and elevate type living. qwe qwe natuwa, you will undersand. […]

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