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  • Monika Pearson (La Doodlebug): Hip Hop

    Monika Pearson (La Doodlebug): Hip Hop

    Monika “La Doodlebug” Pearson is a native of Northern Virginia, just minutes from the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC. She has been writing since the age of 12 – poetry being a signature talent of hers that she showed off in high school, as well as college. Monika received a Bachelors in Audio Production in 2011 and has a background in journalism. She can be found within the spoken word community, mostly found on U Street and is also a contributing […]

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  • Asha Shannon: Spoken Word

    Asha Shannon: Spoken Word

    (in her own words) My name is asha. i was born in japan. traveled the world and im only nineteen. i have found beauty in every aspect of art, whether it be in graffiti or dance or spoken word. art , music, and a creative flow have been my life source in this world. I’m a firm beliver in old type philosophy. scholars . im on some heavey new world, build and elevate type living. qwe qwe natuwa, you will undersand. […]

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  • Lauryn Nesbitt: Congo (Spoken Word)

    Lauryn Nesbitt: Congo (Spoken Word)

    Lauryn Nesbitt is a student in Washington, DC.

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  • Wes Felton: I Can’t Be

    Wes Felton: I Can’t Be

    Wes Felton: Son of Jazz Legend and Pioneer Hilton C. Felton Jr. continuing his legacy of making musical footprints instead stepping into the shoes of conformity. This are just some of the over 20 records recorded by Wes Felton in the last 10 years. http://wesfelton.bandcamp.com/

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  • Rhyme Cypha: We Have a Responsibility (Spoken Word)

    Rhyme Cypha: We Have a Responsibility (Spoken Word)

    If you were to call Justin C. Morris at home you’d never reach him. Justin alias Rhyme Cypha feels most alive when he’s building businesses, spending time with his family or his new found passion – performing. So he fills his time with those three priorities in mind. Born Saturday, March 19, 1983 to Cassandra Williams, Rhyme learned everything he needed to know to take the path less traveled – through Disney World. Smiling Rhyme reminisces “Every year my mom […]

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  • Natasha Alford: Educated Negro

    Natasha Alford: Educated Negro

    Natasha Alford is a graduate from Harvard and a teacher with Teach for America. http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2007/11/7/the-black-greek-mystique-ican-still/

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  • Kim El: An America War

    Kim El: An America War

    Kim El is a spoken word performer/ actor/ educator who weaves creativity into reality as a vechile to stimulate human consciousness. I am a Duquesne University graduate and a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. My creative life experience includes New Horizon Theatre, Kuntu Repertory Theatre, Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre,The Shadow Lounge, innertainment Live! and Quiet Storm Coffee House. I have one daughter,a son-in-law and 4 grandchildren. This journey is a blessing full of life lessons! I am very thankful. http://facebook.com/kreativekeeper

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  • Jonathan B Tucker: Pimpin’

    Jonathan B Tucker: Pimpin’

    Jonathan B. Tucker is a performance poet, facilitator, youth worker/advocate, community organizer and coach of the DC Youth Slam Team. He uses performance art to start conversations about social justice issues, focusing his efforts primarily on engaging and supporting young artists and activists in the DC/MD/VA area. He has led high school students on year-long journeys with Operation Understanding DC, exploring cross cultural dialogue and traveling down south to study the Civil Rights Movement. In 2010 with the DC Commission […]

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  • Drew Brokeballer Anderson: Flapjack

    Drew Brokeballer Anderson: Flapjack

    Hip hop artist. High school teacher. Slam poet. Garbage Pail Kid collector. Award-winning filmmaker. Transformers movie discrepancy pointer outer. Much could be said about Drew Anderson, aka Droopy the Broke Baller, but if it ain’t good, it probably ain’t true. This wily rascal and two-time DC/Baltimore National Slam Team member is wanted in 0.5 states, unarmed, and minimally dangerous. That is, unless you count his dangerously hilarious knack for spoofing contemporary pop and hip hop songs and converting them to […]

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  • Real Right: You’re the Truth

    Real Right: You’re the Truth

    Real Right hails from Brooklyn. He joined us while taping in Brooklyn.

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