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  • Spicee Poet: Lions Tigers Bears

    Spicee Poet: Lions Tigers Bears

    Linda Elliott:  http://spiceepoet.blogspot.com/ or http://twitter.com/#!/spiceepoet

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  • Carolyn Malachi: Dear Sir

    Carolyn Malachi: Dear Sir

    Songstress, musician, dancer, spoken word artist, and social philanthropist are just a few titles held by 2011 Grammy Nominee, Carolyn Malachi (CM). CM is a Washington DC native whose great-grandfather happens to be legendary Jazz pianist John Malachi (acc. Sarah Vaughan, Pearl Bailey, Al Hibbler). She was born from musical roots but did not grow into her talent until 2005, when she was a junior at Shepherd University. After taking a course in sound design, and awakening her sleepy college […]

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  • Komplex: Wild Flower

    Komplex: Wild Flower

    “Where Langston Hughes meets Mos Def,” he walks like a poet and talks like an MC. Poet. Hip-Hop Artist. Host. Author. Actor. Educator. Professional. He closes his eyes and the stage becomes GOD’s ear; every poem a secret, every rhyme a confession.

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