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  • How To Tie A Tie (Close Ties Promo)

    How To Tie A Tie (Close Ties Promo)

    In collaboration with the award winning documentary film, Close Ties: Tying on a New Tradition, The Angle has created a short tutorial on how to tie three popular knots (Half Windsor, 4-In-Hand and a Bow Tie). Ed Carter, Christylez Bacon and David Beeks are our Tie Models. Kris Funn on the bass and David Beeks on the instruction. Join the Close Ties fan page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CloseTies  

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  • The Angle: Smiles Promotion

    The Angle: Smiles Promotion

    Here at the Angle so many bright smiled folks have enetered out studios and locations to spread joy. Here’s a little joy back with a compilation of smiles. The great Matt Rosen on guitar/bass giving us the tune.

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  • Sh*t People Say on The Angle

    Sh*t People Say on The Angle

    Yeah, we’re trending on this one. We wanted to have some fun with the “Sh*t People Say” movement. Our host, Paige Hernandez provides the comic relief. Seriously though, none of you that have participated on The Angle have done any of these antics.

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  • Drew Brokeballer Anderson: The Apple on the iPhone

    Drew Brokeballer Anderson: The Apple on the iPhone

    While filming some Angles, Drew’s phone froze on him…he freestyled this piece. He is the Truth. Hip hop artist. High school teacher. Slam poet. Garbage Pail Kid collector. Award-winning filmmaker. Transformers movie discrepancy pointer outer. Much could be said about Drew Anderson, aka Droopy the Broke Baller, but if it ain’t good, it probably ain’t true.

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  • Lindsay Jaikel: Baton Twirling

    Lindsay Jaikel: Baton Twirling

    Lindsay Jaikel doing what she loves. She keeps a few batons and flags in her car just in case.

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