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  • We Have a Winner! – DC Black Film Festival

    We Have a Winner! – DC Black Film Festival

      We are so honored to snag a win at the DC Black Film Festival last night. This project has been a multiyear venture with so many more elements yet to be released. Director Gemal Woods is looking to capitalize on this win to push for a broadcast version of this most wonderful concept birthed in Washington DC by none other than the multitalented Christylez Bacon. Keep an eye out for a screening at a festival near you and hopefully […]

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  • “American Values” by Erica Woods

    “American Values” by Erica Woods

    American Values   Big bank exec regrets a fraudulent scheme Underpaid staff were forced to leave Customers robbed of money and privacy He’ll get a bonus this year   Murderous police wield the gun Another black body taken down There’s a crime on the camera but since there’s no sound She’ll get paid leave   Wild frat parties “Boys will be boys!” Unconscious girl becomes a sex toy Jail time would be much too hard on the lad He’ll graduate […]

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  • The Angle is Nominated!

    The Angle is Nominated!

    We are truly honored to be nominated in this year’s, Best Variety Series category by the The International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV). Special thanks to the crew and all participants on The Angle! The IAWTV Awards is the official web television industry awards celebration established for digital content creators, by digital content creators.  The 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards show will be held January 8th in the Palazzo Theatre in the Palazzo Resort Hotel, during the 2013 International CES in […]

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  • The Angle is ONE Year Bold!

    The Angle is ONE Year Bold!

    We are 365 days old and feeling bold. With over 14,000 visitors and many times that in page views, we think it’s safe to write that the project has been a true success. With a small budget and large passion to make The Angle a vibrant and entertaining portal for perspective and art, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. While Park Triangle Productions and the direction of Gemal Woods are at the heart of The Angle, many other creative professionals […]

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    If you’re logged on to Facebook, it’s easy to do. Just slide to the right and click the LIKE button. Or visit https://www.facebook.com/TheAngleSeries  

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  • An Oasis in the Nation’s Capital

    An Oasis in the Nation’s Capital

    An Oasis in the Nation’s Capital, by Gemal Woods. As Producer and Director of The Angle, I try to explore new places, even those right around the corner. I’ve lived in DC for 13 years and I had never before made it to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens until a couple of months ago. The artist Maria Fenton (who lives right around the corner) had suggested we shoot there.  I was floored by the raw beauty of these preserved wetlands. From […]

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  • Show Support, Get a T-Shirt!

    Show Support, Get a T-Shirt!

    Here’s a great opportunity to support our production at The Angle and get a cool T-Shirt in the process. Your $20.00 ($25.00 for the XXL shirt) plus $5.00 shipping and handling will provide you with the necessary upper-body clothing you need to get service at your local restaurant all the while promoting our web-series. We only have one style for now. Expect 2-3 weeks shipping. Thanks ahead of time for supporting The Angle. Sizes Small $20.00 USDMedium $20.00 USDLarge $20.00 USDX-Large […]

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  • Pittsburgh Production

    Pittsburgh Production

    We had a great three day trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We hung out with some truly wonderful human beings (and chickens as well). This trip has been the most inspiring three days to date for the Angle and we will be making regular trips to the Burgh to share stories that will inspire, entertain and educate. We will start rolling out our Pittsburgh material next week so be on the look out!

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  • Even You Can Be On The Angle

    Even You Can Be On The Angle

    What are people talking about? What are they thinking? Where do they stand? If it’s hard-hitting, controversial or something that makes you go “huh?” then they will be discussing it on The Angle. And you can too. The Angle is an Eclectic Documentary Series, or “Docuseries”, that features a variety of  issues, people, places, things and subjects impacting American Culture. The series covers a wide range of topics, from food to sex, and religion to modern politics. Personalities run the […]

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  • The LA Webfest 2012

    The LA Webfest 2012

    We are honored to be WINNERS at the 2012 Los Angeles Web Series Festival (http://lawebfest.com/). We were unable to attend this year’s festivities with all the exciting screenings, informative panels and parties. Nevertheless, we hope the attendees enjoyed our web series and have a great time getting the full experience of what a web series is all about. We Won in the TRAVEL, TALK, LIFESTYLE, OR MUSIC SERIES CATEGORY: THEME SONG  – Myke Pollard CINEMATOGRAPHY – Gemal Woods, Hamilton Riley EDITING – […]

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