The Angle is Nominated!

We are truly honored to be nominated in this year’s, Best Variety Series category by the The International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV). Special thanks to the crew and all participants on The Angle!

The IAWTV Awards is the official web television industry awards celebration established for digital content creators, by digital content creators.  The 2nd Annual IAWTV Awards show will be held January 8th in the Palazzo Theatre in the Palazzo Resort Hotel, during the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas.  The awards serve as a platform for members of the IAWTV to honor the best of their profession, foster collaboration with peers and industry luminaries and to support the IAWTV.

The Angle is ONE Year Bold!

We are 365 days old and feeling bold. With over 14,000 visitors and many times that in page views, we think it’s safe to write that the project has been a true success. With a small budget and large passion to make The Angle a vibrant and entertaining portal for perspective and art, we’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. While Park Triangle Productions and the direction of Gemal Woods are at the heart of The Angle, many other creative professionals have made this project possible.

First we’d like to thank Paige Hernandez for her work as The Angle’s host and many times producer. She is an awesome creative force in the theatre world and brings tremendous experience to this project. Many times we barely build a script, yet she is so deft that with a little research and her sharp mind, she’s able to ask the right questions and drive each hosted production in the right direction.

Producers like Erica Woods, Dr. Andre Perry and Baye Harrell also have also made this project possible, from fund raising, writing, producing to even picking up a camera here and there. Lisa Missenda and Hamilton Riley have lent their technical and creative talents to many of the productions you see on The Angle. We thank them dearly.

We’d also like to thank contributors to this project, as they are the core of what we do. For those that have visited Park Triangle Productions in DC or our several off site productions, we are nothing without you. From the witty spoken word pieces by Drew “Brokeballer” Anderson to the melodic music of William Wytold Lebing, we hope your work on The Angle continues to inspire those searching the digital realm for years to come.

We have also featured organizations and businesses like Busboys & Poets and in return, they have promoted the work we have done through tweets and Facebook posts. They have helped us grow our fan base and we hope our productions have served them as well.

As we move into our second year we are going to step up the art and substance of The Angle and go places we haven’t been before. We are working on some revenue generating ideas and a broadcast component. We are on track to producing a 30-minute broadcast component before 2013 comes to a close.

Thanks for all the support and tune in daily to The Angle. Don’t forget to follow at us on Twitter at @theangleshow and “like” us on Facebook as well.



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An Oasis in the Nation’s Capital

An Oasis in the Nation’s Capital, by Gemal Woods.

As Producer and Director of The Angle, I try to explore new places, even those right around the corner. I’ve lived in DC for 13 years and I had never before made it to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens until a couple of months ago. The artist Maria Fenton (who lives right around the corner) had suggested we shoot there.  I was floored by the raw beauty of these preserved wetlands. From the flora to the fauna, you suddenly forget you’re still in a major US city.

After taping a few poems with Maria, I knew I had to return—not only to get some more background footage, but to see more of this place. During the creative taping, I only had time to find a “comfortable” spot—the summer sun and humidity that day—to set up, shoot and depart because of a tight schedule.

When the kids returned to DC from their regular summer visit to Pittsburgh with their Grandparents, we ventured to the Aquatic Gardens. The kids were frightened by all the bugs but delighted to see the vast expanses of the wetlands—they were fortunate to catch a glimpse of a few turtles.  The Aquatic Gardens are truly a gem in this beautiful and complex city. It’s an escape from the hustle-and-bustle of Washington and a way to connect with what this city probably looked more like let’s say a little over 200 years ago before folks started to develop it as the Nation’s Capital.

If you ever get a chance to visit Washington DC—as millions do every year—please take a few hours out of your trip to visit the Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens, located at 1550 Anacostia Avenue, NE Washington DC. It’s far different from the monuments on the mall and all the great museums that abound, but equally important.

Show Support, Get a T-Shirt!

Here’s a great opportunity to support our production at The Angle and get a cool T-Shirt in the process. Your $20.00 ($25.00 for the XXL shirt) plus $5.00 shipping and handling will provide you with the necessary upper-body clothing you need to get service at your local restaurant all the while promoting our web-series. We only have one style for now. Expect 2-3 weeks shipping. Thanks ahead of time for supporting The Angle.


Pittsburgh Production

We had a great three day trip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We hung out with some truly wonderful human beings (and chickens as well). This trip has been the most inspiring three days to date for the Angle and we will be making regular trips to the Burgh to share stories that will inspire, entertain and educate. We will start rolling out our Pittsburgh material next week so be on the look out!

Even You Can Be On The Angle

What are people talking about? What are they thinking? Where do they stand? If it’s hard-hitting, controversial or something that makes you go “huh?” then they will be discussing it on The Angle. And you can too.

The Angle is an Eclectic Documentary Series, or “Docuseries”, that features a variety of  issues, people, places, things and subjects impacting American Culture. The series covers a wide range of topics, from food to sex, and religion to modern politics. Personalities run the gamut from intellectuals and activists to artists and the girl next door.

The Angle is designed to foster thought and discussion about things we have been hesitant to talk and to look at more comfortable topics in a new and refreshing manner.  This is a unique and fun way for “we, the people” to talk to each other directly in a world cluttered with pundit interpretations. What’s your Angle?

We are starting back up our Angle interviews this June. Use this time now to get on the schedule and do your Angle.

The LA Webfest 2012

We are honored to be WINNERS at the 2012 Los Angeles Web Series Festival ( We were unable to attend this year’s festivities with all the exciting screenings, informative panels and parties. Nevertheless, we hope the attendees enjoyed our web series and have a great time getting the full experience of what a web series is all about.


THEME SONG  – Myke Pollard

CINEMATOGRAPHY - Gemal Woods, Hamilton Riley

EDITING - Gemal Woods

HOST - Paige Hernandez

DIRECTING - Gemal Woods

SERIES - Gemal Woods, Creator & Producer

Big thanks for The LA Web Series Festival for the opportunity to particpate in the great event!

The Angle Featured at Busboys and Poets

We are excited about the opportunity to work with Busboys and Poets! Our web series has been selected as the feature work for the film series, Focus-In! Cinema for a Conscious Community. The film series screens important films by local, national, and international filmmakers. Each segment offers a focus dedicated to social justice, peace, and community value.

The Angle Experience will feature a new Angle Production, connected to Black History Month at each of the 4 screenings as well as a different live Angle-styled acts (theater, spoken-word or some combinative act that would be represented on The Angle). There will also be some giveaways and other surprises.

Mon. 2/6/ 7-9pm @ Busboys and Poets Hyattsville (MD)
Sun. 2/12/ 8-10pm @ Busboys and Poets 14th & V (DC)
Sun. 2/19/ 7-9pm @ Busboys and Poets Shirlington (VA)
Sun. 2/26/ 8-10pm @ Busboys and Poets 5th & K (DC)

Liner Notes @ Intersections DC!!!

Featuring the Corner Store Jazz Trio, Baye Harrell, Akua Allrich and other special guests
Thursday,March 1, 2012, 8pm

Remember the booklet that came with your music vinyl, CD or cassette? Where you could discover influential genres and personal statements of artistic expression? In the age of digital downloads, dynamic performer Paige Hernandez brings liner-notes back – LIVE!

Collide with hip-hop’s past and present when performer/lyricist Baye Harrell, jazz vocalist Akua Allrich and live DJ join the The Corner Store Jazz Trio for a one-night-only hip-hop event.

Presented as part of

INTERSECTIONS: A New America Arts Festival
Atlas Performing Arts Center
1333 H Street NE, WDC 20002

The Angle Host, Paige Hernandez is a multifaceted artist, who is known for her innovative fusion of poetry, hip hop, dance and education. She has performed on many stages throughout the country including Arena Stage, Folger Theatre, The Kennedy Center, Fulton Theatre, Manship Theatre, Cleveland Playhouse and many others. Her fans and supporters include the Obama children, U.S. Secretary of State, Timothy Geithner and the Huffington Post, who recently named her a “classroom hero”. With her company B-FLY ENTERTAINMENT, Paige has toured her children’s show Havana Hop and her one woman show, Paige in Full: A B-girl’s Visual Mixtape throughout the country.