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  • Profile: Culture Shock DC

    Profile: Culture Shock DC

    Culture Shock® DC is a part of a network of Culture Shock® organizations around the country and in Canada who bring the power and beauty of hip-hop to diverse audiences via professional entertainment, dance education, and community enrichment programs. http://cultureshockdc.org

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  • Profile: Wax Candle Company by Jennifer Bryant

    Profile: Wax Candle Company by Jennifer Bryant

    Wax Candle Co. is a Washington, DC based boutique candle company that pairs all-natural soy candles with DJ curated mixtapes to create a unique aromatherapy listening experience. Wax is the brainchild of Jennifer Bryant, a proud 2007 graduate of Howard University. The idea for Wax grew out of Jennifer’s own afterwork ritual of coming home after a long day, lighting candles and listening to records. Music and candles instantly melted away the stresses of the day and helped to create […]

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  • DeShuna Spencer – Combining Social Activism with Journalism

    DeShuna Spencer – Combining Social Activism with Journalism

    DeShuna Spencer is Founder/Publisher of emPower magazine. Spencer is also the producer and radio host of emPower Hour on DC’s 89.3 FM WPFW, where she discusses social justice and human rights issues. A Memphis native, Spencer graduated from Jackson State University where she studied communications and journalism. She has written for The Clarion-Ledger, The Oakland Tribune, the Crisis Magazine, AOL and the Washington Examiner. A former AmeriCorps*VISTA, Spencer was recently named 40under40 by The Envest Foundation and received a “Who’s […]

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  • Arts and Development, East of the River – Duane Gautier

    Arts and Development, East of the River – Duane Gautier

    Duane Gautier is the CEO of ARCH Development Corporation located in the Anacostia Neighborhood of Washington, DC. ARCH Development Corporation [ADC] was founded in 1991 as a small community development corporation, specializing in providing technical assistance and micro- SBA loans to small businesses in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington DC. In 2005/2006, ADC developed a strategic plan to change its focus to using arts, cultural and the creative economy to assist in the regeneration of the community. ADC’s mission is: […]

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  • The Catos: Sustainability in the City

    The Catos: Sustainability in the City

    Mark and Christine Cato allowed our cameras to visit them one morning at their Morningside home in Pittsburgh, PA. They have two sons, Devlin and Lucien, and several pets as well as three chickens in their backyard. The chickens provide them with eggs and often consume their leftovers. They also have a small garden and are a part of a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program with Edible Earth Farm. Follow Christine on Twitter: @tinepgh —- Edible Earth Farm is located […]

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  • Vanessa German: Sculpture and Assemblage

    Vanessa German: Sculpture and Assemblage

    (from her site) In Vanessa German’s multi-disciplinary work we find a sifting of evidence, an evaluation of material things, and a critique of the society she finds spread out before her: she is a witness to what she finds, and declares it loudly and passionately, and, for a shy woman, also fearlessly. She intuitively transforms her findings, her evidences, into her work. It does not come of nothing; it is not that class of genius. The word invention in its Latin root, means ‘to find or come upon’ […]

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  • Victor Ekpuk: A Picture is a Thousand Words

    Victor Ekpuk: A Picture is a Thousand Words

    “The central theme of my work is the exploration of the relationships, challenges and responses to changes that characterize the human condition. Of particular interest to my project is Nsibidi, an indigenous African system of writing that employs graphic signs, and codes to convey concepts. Inspired by this ancient writings, forms in my works are reduced to basic essence resulting in new symbols or codes in script-like drawings that are used to express contemporary experiences. When combined with Nsibidi signs, […]

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  • Profiles: David B. Mitchell, Reflections of a Borough (Wilkinsburg, PA)

    Profiles: David B. Mitchell, Reflections of a Borough (Wilkinsburg, PA)

    About Wilkinsburg, PA (From the Government site) The borough’s proximity to Pittsburgh and its location along main lines of transit from outlying areas were key to its founding and early development. The original village plan was drawn along both sides of the Great Road to Fort Pitt. Wilkinsburg truly began to flourish when the railroad came through in the 1850s, bringing access to jobs in other parts of the city. Nonetheless, Wilkinsburg values its independence. Wilkinsburg was annexed to the […]

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  • Youth Empowerment Project: Power To The Young

    Youth Empowerment Project: Power To The Young

    (FROM WEBSITE) The Youth Empowerment Project (YEP) is a community-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. YEP’s founders started the organization in 2004 in order to assist young people returning to New Orleans from correctional facilities. Since its inception, YEP has earned local and statewide recognition for being at the cutting edge of progressive programs for at-risk youth. We started as the first-of-its-kind re-entry program for juvenile offenders in Louisiana and now we are the region’s most comprehensive and established agency working with […]

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  • Café Reconcile: The Ministry of Reconciliation

    Café Reconcile: The Ministry of Reconciliation

    In 1996, Rev. Harry Tompson, S.J., then pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish, joined with concerned community members Craig Cuccia and Tim Falcon to address the system of neglect, violence, and generational poverty that had plagued out-of-school youth in New Orleans’ troubled Central City neighborhood. Gathering with likeminded community activists in prayer, research, and dialogue, the group worked hard to understand the difficult social reality. They consulted newspapers, police reports, television news, and existing research, and they shared their own personal […]

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