Episode #5: The Actor (feat. Clayton LeBouef)

Clayton LeBouef is a good friend and mentor to both the host, Paige Hernandez and the director, Gemal Woods so he was an obvious choice as a featured guest on The Angle. As a seasoned actor, writer and activist, his passion makes for compelling guest, as his nimble mind, wit and humor play well on camera. We are very fortunate to have him as a guest on our show.

Clayton LeBouef is an actor, best known for his recurring role as Colonel George Barnfather in Homicide: Life on the Street. He appeared in several episodes during each of the show’s seven seasons on the air, from 1993 to 1999, and reprised his role in Homicide: The Movie, the epilogue movie, in 2000.

LeBouef was born in Yonkers, New York. He performed as a theatre actor prior to his role as Captain Barnfather. He performs spoken-word pieces in addition to having authored several plays. His play Shero: The Livication of Henrietta Vinton Davis won an honorable mention at the 25th Annual Larry Neal Writers’ Competition in Washington, DC on May 9, 2008.

In 2000, he appeared in the award-winning miniseries The Corner. In 2002 he played Wendell “Orlando” Blocker in seven episodes of The Wire. LeBouef appeared as Harold Thomas the brother of the main character, Vivien Thomas, in the 2004 HBO movie Something the Lord Made which starred Mos Def. From 2003 to 2005, he appeared in three episodes of Law and Order: Criminal Intent, two as the character Detective Edmunds. His portrayal of barbershop owner Tom Taylor in the short film The Doll won him “Best Actor” honors at the San Diego Black Film Festival.

We were delighted when Flashpoint gave us the okay to record the interview in one of their spaces. Flashpoint is a dynamic arts space dedicated to nurturing and growing emerging artists and cultural organizations. From essential management services to innovative performances and exhibitions, Flashpoint offers exciting opportunities to experience DC’s arts in action.


Additional Participants: Felipe Cabezas (Felipe002.wordpress.com), Zurin Villanueva (http://www.zurinv.com) Baye Harrell, Quanice G. Floyd, Shannon Dunne (http://shannondunne.com/) and Sean McComiskey.



  1. Robert Jackson says:

    I really would like to see more of Mr LeBouef on TV and the big screen. He is a truly underrated actor with tremendous range and passion.

  2. Brandon Sanchez says:

    Always liked the work of Clayton LeBouef and wish he was in so much more. Love the opening set up to this interview. Paige is a great fit for this show.

  3. Z. Barber says:

    That’s the guy from the Wire and the Corner. He’s a B’more representer foreal. Rawness.

  4. Qaadir says:

    The flow on this is tight. Like the mix of emotions from the actors and the dramatic/comedy at the start and close. Superb editing whoever edited it.

  5. T. Jones says:

    The actor indeed. The creative community here in Atlanta appreciates the work here on the Angle. This was a well done episode…audio and visually. When the musicians started playing the accordions, I was like “wow” what a mix of cultures.

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