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We’d love to have your Angle featured in either an episode or in a mix. We’re primarily located in Washington, DC, but we often bring the show on the road, setting up in places across the country (we’ve been in NYC, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Pittsburgh). We’re are also partnering with other production companies to do satellite recordings…so don’t hesitate. Let us know what you’d like to do (commentary, song, dance, spoken word, monologue…even a hidden talent the world has yet to see).

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What's Your Angle?


The basic process is usually 10-20 minutes unless you want to do more pieces and contribute to all of our show topics/themes/questions. We’d like you to first answer some basic questions, then share your most passionate thoughts and ideas (i.e you practice Animal Rights Law, talk about your passion for that). If you have a few string spokenword pieces do that. We’d like the individual pieces to be no longer that 3 minutes…and if you have a very short piece or perspective (15 seconds) we really love those.

Basic Angle Questions

  • Who’d you like to meet?
  • What’s your favorite food?
  • If you had a “super-power”, what would it be?
  • Is monogamy natural?
  • What’s your earliest memory?
  • Who’s your favorite teacher?

Here ‘s a quote from one of our Angle participants:


I was nervous at first, stepping in front of the lights…But once the cameras starting rolling and the director started to joke with me, I really opened up. It was truly a fun experience. I look forward to visiting Park Triangle and recommended my friends in NYC to do the same when the Angle crew travels up that way.

Robert Jackson.


Do Your Angle Today!

If you're in Washington, DC, call and schedule a time to come by our studio and contribute to our Documentary Web Series. Also catch us on the road as well. We might be traveling to a city near you.