Conversations: A Collection of Connected Voices

A wise poet once said that there are no new stories to tell, only new perspectives (or angles) to tell them from. After a decade of creating documentaries, we here at Park Triangle have learned that the best documentaries write themselves, when the voices of ordinary people are blended together. That is the environment you find yourself in as you surf through The Angle. A virtual home for a collective brain storm session, the digital white board for an international idea mapping. We have set up a “portal” for seeing the complex wave of ideas that create a joint consciousness. As you navigate The Angle, it should feel like an amalgam of your favorite college course, your most memorable bar conversation, an open mic at your favorite café, or the dinner party after the wine is halfway gone.

This “focused” selection of content will consist of Episodes, Profiles, Mixes, Spaces and individual Angles. These Conversations will never be complete, especially without your voice added to it. Check back regularly as our Conversations expand, and we grasp more about ourselves and global trends. Welcome to The Angle!

Holding on to Black MalesVisual Research Project: Holding on to Black Males
Collaboration between the Loyola Institute for Quality and Equity in Education and The Angle

In the past we’ve labeled youth in a ways to describe those in peril. “At-risk” and “endangered” have become synonymous with black male. There is something very impractical with singling black men as a means to solving a problem. By the time a young person as been ascribed the label, he or she is by definition disconnected, lost or engaged in negative activity. The goal should always be to prevent losing children to violence or early school departure – not deal with the aftermath.

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Fatherhood: The Other Parental Role

Take the temperature of this country, not just on the salaciousness seeking evening news, but in classrooms and courtroom, and you’ll see the symptoms of an epidemic eating away at society.  Our nations dropout rate is at a fever pitch, teen pregnancy leaves our urban centers stricken and criminal activity rates among our youth are nauseating.   Our children have been infected by Fatherless-ness.  Social scientist and educators have used stats and anecdotal evidence to point out the lack of fathers as the culprit in this cultural sickness, but where can you go to find men who are actively acting as a cure? Here at the Angle we are dedicated to exploring the scourge of fatherless-ness, especially by highlighting fathers as they shed light on their journey’s as leaders in their families.  Tune in regularly as we update this conversation as we collectively find the cure for this epidemic.

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Monogamy: Who’s Doing It?

“Forsaking all other…”, yeah right.  No one is truly faithful in the new millinium, at least that’s what it feels like with torrid tales of extramarital affairs and 72 day marriages.  With a simple “Poke” or “Like” people can find their way into the arms of another even easier than when you actually had to buy a drink at the bar.  So is monogamy played out?  Does it jive with this new age of womens rights, and contraceptives, and diminished religiocity?   You know we’re going to talk about this at the angle.  Join us as we explore everything from traditional marriage, to swining, adding new Angles for every different view of monogamy in the internet age.

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