Even You Can Be On The Angle

What are people talking about? What are they thinking? Where do they stand? If it’s hard-hitting, controversial or something that makes you go “huh?” then they will be discussing it on The Angle. And you can too.

The Angle is an Eclectic Documentary Series, or “Docuseries”, that features a variety of  issues, people, places, things and subjects impacting American Culture. The series covers a wide range of topics, from food to sex, and religion to modern politics. Personalities run the gamut from intellectuals and activists to artists and the girl next door.

The Angle is designed to foster thought and discussion about things we have been hesitant to talk and to look at more comfortable topics in a new and refreshing manner.  This is a unique and fun way for “we, the people” to talk to each other directly in a world cluttered with pundit interpretations. What’s your Angle?

We are starting back up our Angle interviews this June. Use this time now to get on the schedule and do your Angle.



  1. Irv M. says:

    Hoping to get by the studio very soon and share my ideas. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Miriam BRown says:

    Great documentary. I would like to participate

    Thank you,
    miriam brown

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Do Your Angle Today!

If you're in Washington, DC, call and schedule a time to come by our studio and contribute to our Documentary Web Series. Also catch us on the road as well. We might be traveling to a city near you.