How To Tie A Tie (Close Ties Promo)

In collaboration with the award winning documentary film, Close Ties: Tying on a New Tradition, The Angle has created a short tutorial on how to tie three popular knots (Half Windsor, 4-In-Hand and a Bow Tie). Ed Carter, Christylez Bacon and David Beeks are our Tie Models. Kris Funn on the bass and David Beeks on the instruction.

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  1. Robert Jackson says:

    Cool!!! I saw the doc Close Ties and it was amazing. I’m glad it won the festival.

  2. Cowealtha Clayton says:

    Lookin’ forward to seeing various Black organizations and media outlets screen this excellent documen-tie-ry for their membership and audience/subscriber base!!!!

  3. Shay Burns says:

    Close Ties is a powerful film about building community. Thanks for this cute How To video. I will share.

  4. Doc Auk says:

    Ill tutorial on how to tie a tie. It’s cool like that.

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