Episode #7: Fresh & Fabulous Foods with Lauren Von Der Pool

Chef Lauren Von Der Pool is the founder/ CEO of the Green non-profit Von Der Pool Gourmet & Healthy Living Services Inc. that teaches inner city communities healthy living services and agricultural awareness. Von Der Pool is also the CEO and head Chef of Von Der Pool Gourmet, Inc., as well as a world renowned celebrity chef specializing in exotic, vegan and raw food cuisine. She arose from humble beginnings at the age of 16 selling her raw pies outside of local universities. Lauren, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate, went on to cater the Oscars, Grammys, AMA’s and countless A-List celebrity events. After working under the renowned Wolfgang Puck, Lauren returned to DC to continue her work for her non-profit to help bring awareness to how proper food can heal the mind, body, and soul starting in her own community.

twitter: http://twitter.com/QueenofGreenLV

website: http://www.vonderpoolgourmet.com

Special thanks: Kris Funn, Baye Harrell, Hamilton Riley, Martha’s Table, Chef Herb, Vera Oye, Paradise Gray and



  1. Robert Jackson says:

    Love this episode. Lauren spoke at my son’s school a few years back. A true gem in the community and she knows her work.

  2. Sandra Parker says:

    This was a fun episode.

  3. Irv M. says:

    Thanks for profiling Lauren Von Der Pool. She has been doing the work of transforming inner city communities for years through teaching healthy eating.

  4. Brandon Sanchez says:

    Indeed the cutest of the episodes. they are delight to watch together.

  5. Z. Barber says:

    Okay, I want a smoothie like right now. Mixing this together looked like a lot of fun. Cheers to your show.

  6. Qaadir says:

    My favorite Episode. The two ladies look lovely and that smoothie tastes good through the screen.

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