Monogamy: Who’s Doing It?

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“Forsaking all other…”, yeah right.  No one is truly faithful in the new millinium, at least that’s what it feels like with torrid tales of extramarital affairs and 72 day marriages.  With a simple “Poke” or “Like” people can find their way into the arms of another even easier than when you actually had to buy a drink at the bar.  So is monogamy played out?  Does it jive with this new age of womens rights, and contraceptives, and diminished religiocity?   You know we’re going to talk about this at the angle.  Join us as we explore everything from traditional marriage, to swining, adding new Angles for every different view of monogamy in the internet age.


 Men could spend less time apologizing to women about our nature, if we’d spending more time being honest.

– Bomani Armah


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