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  • Mix – Weary Blues Down Under U Street

    Mix – Weary Blues Down Under U Street

    Paige Henandez, the host for The Angle recites Weary Blues by Langston Hughes. Mychael Pollard plays the Diggeredo. Montage of U Street. Paige Hernandez:!/PAIGEINFULL Mychael Pollard:!/Myke25  

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  • Princess of Controversy: Alpha Bitch (Excerpt from Play)

    Princess of Controversy: Alpha Bitch (Excerpt from Play)

    Soulful! Powerful! Engaging! Sexy! Conscious! True hip-hop. All of this and more make up the dynamic ARTIVIST, Princess of Controversy. Her debut album release, Personal Messenger, hit the ground running in 2004 & took by storm the attention of the Metropolitan area.

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  • Denvil Saine: Love

    Denvil Saine: Love

    New York based and Texas born singer, songwriter and spoken-word artist Denvil Saine is not easily confined to one genre. His currently released EP, Nevermine, is an eclectic mix of influences channeled into his own signature sound. A sound which he describes as a rhythmic poetic style fusing soul, r&b, and dance. Lyrical content being one of his main focuses, Denvil believes that like a story his music should invoke a sense of imagery that captivates the listener. He states, […]

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  • Ezra: Love

    Ezra: Love

    Leslie “Ezra” Smith is a Pittsburgh native who began acting in 1994 for A.R.C.H. Productions, performing in “Hitting Home”. His most recent performances include “Seven Guitars” as Canewell for Kuntu Repertory Theater (2005), “A Soldiers Play” as a Military Police officer and understudy for Henson for New Horizons Theater (2005),

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  • Solomon Slyce: Pie

    Solomon Slyce: Pie

    Photographer, Poet, Emcee and beat-boxer, Solomon Slyce holds it down for The Angle.    

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  • Makiyah Moody: Transforming Education

    Makiyah Moody: Transforming Education

    Makiyah has been involved in the education reform movement for the last nine years serving in various roles at Leadership for Quality Education’s Charter School Resource Center in Chicago, KIPP Foundation in Chicago and KIPP LEAD College Prep in Gary, Indiana. She has experience in fundraising and grant management, event planning, professional development, and program design and implementation

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  • Bomani Armah: The “N-Word”

    Bomani Armah: The “N-Word”

    Meld the cutting social wit of Aaron MacGruder and the boundless creativity of Andre 3000, and you have a glimpse of multi-media artist, Bomani Armah. Bomani is a man of many titles, skills and alter egos.

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  • Deborjha Blackwell: Keep Up With My Puns

    Deborjha Blackwell: Keep Up With My Puns

    One of DC’s finest poet, spoken word artists and activists.

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  • Mix – Mountain Beat-Box

    Mix – Mountain Beat-Box

    Virginian native Amanda Monrow mixes it up with Solomon Slyce one of South East DC’s best beat-boxers.

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  • Mix – Sliding into My Destiny

    Mix – Sliding into My Destiny

    Mychael Pollard plays the slide whistle as Omékongo Dibinga drops something. Omékongo Dibinga: Mychael Pollard:!/Myke25  

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