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  • Deborah Cotton: Reconnecting the Disconnected

    Deborah Cotton: Reconnecting the Disconnected

    Writer, filmmaker, covering all things New Orleans.

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  • Wes Felton: Regrets

    Wes Felton: Regrets

    Wes Felton: Son of Jazz Legend and Pioneer Hilton C. Felton Jr. continuing his legacy of making musical footprints instead stepping into the shoes of conformity. This are just some of the over 20 records recorded by Wes Felton in the last 10 years.

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  • Pages Matam: Hip Hop

    Pages Matam: Hip Hop

    Pages Matam: Teacher, Spoken Word Artist, full time dad. The coolest African you will ever meet. A light way ahead of its shine. Artist. Teacher. Creator.

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  • Pledging Greek: Aki & Lee

    Pledging Greek: Aki & Lee

    Lee and Aki agree to disagree about pledging Greek.

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  • Rallo Boykins: Relationships

    Rallo Boykins: Relationships

    Funny man Rallo Boykins serves up some relationship rants.!/ralloboykins

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  • Ron McClain: Fatherhood

    Ron McClain: Fatherhood

    Ronald P. McClain is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), who received a law degree (JD) from Loyola University Law School in 2004. Mr. McClain is employed as President and Chief Executive Officer of Family Service of Greater New Orleans. He previously served for approximately nine years as Chief Executive Officer of Children’s Bureau of New Orleans. Mr. McClain, who is the immediate past chair of the Long Term Recovery Organization for Orleans parish (CARE), and vice chair of the […]

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  • Candice Danielle: 22

    Candice Danielle: 22

    Candice Danielle is a writer and emerging teaching artist originally from the Midwest who entered the world of performance poetry amid that awkward falling-apart phase of finding one’s self in college on the east coast. Her strong desire to piece together again drew her to craft her own literary therapy that self-defined and freed her from past muffling traditions and religious aesthetic. Now an elementary school educator by day, Candice is continuing to share her journey of discovery with the […]

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  • Dr. Bruce Block: A Conversation on Health

    Dr. Bruce Block: A Conversation on Health

    Dr. Block is the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative’s chief medical informatics officer, supporting the implementation of EHRs and quality improvement methods in medical practice. At PRHI, he is responsible for the PA REACH West initiative to bring physician practices online with electronic health records and to help them achieve meaningful use. Covering a territory stretching from Erie to Greene County, PRHI’s REACH initiative is serving over 725 providers in over 300 practice sites. Dr. Block began practice as a family […]

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  • Dr. Peter Scharf: Crime in New Orleans

    Dr. Peter Scharf: Crime in New Orleans

    Peter Scharf Research Professor Department of Global Health Systems and Development Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine 1440 Canal Street, Suite 2200 New Orleans, LA 70112 Phone: 504.988.3655 Fax: 504.988.3653 Research Interests: Criminal justice, law enforcement and forensics, technology and education Educational Background: AB, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York EdD, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts Professional Achievements: 2008 Foundations of Excellence award winner, Texas State University 2008 Nobel Public Service Presentation “Crime and the Knowledge Economy” […]

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  • Yah Lioness: The Boundaries of Friendship

    Yah Lioness: The Boundaries of Friendship

    Chastity “Yah Lioness” Cheatham is the founder of Big Juicy Records. She’s a Songwriter, Emcee, Educator and Creative Consultant. She talks about sex and friendship boundaries. Follow her on twitter: @SolSis9BigJuicy

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