Prashanth Shanmugan: Obama Becoming President

(FROM WEB SITE) Donning his earth suit for the first time (in this life), in 1981, Prashanth, (known to his Dutch mates as PJ), began something called life. Raised in Sydney, Australia, he began exploring what the hell that meant. Not having a clue, he dove head first into the big wide amazing world. His explorations have included writing with invisible ink, speaking under wet cement, travelling to unknown lands, pondering global issues, questioning the human condition and the obligatory long walks through unknown forests. One day, while writing a biography for himself on his own website he realised how ridiculous it is to sum up life in a short collection of words, especially when its your own. So he stopped writing and lived the life he was trying to summarise.


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  1. C. Riggs says:

    You can say that again brother.

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