Mix – Shepilov Love (Featuring Kenneth Carroll, “Marion Barry Is”)

We wanted to have fun especially with this great piece by Kenneth Carroll. I think we did. He is a genius.

Vinzee…just met him traveling. He was gracious to share with us.


Kenneth Carroll is a native Washingtonian, his poetry, short stories, essays, and plays have appeared in numerous publications including. He has had two plays produced, The Mask, and Make My Funk The P-Funk, and has performed at the Kennedy Center, Nuyorican Café, Beyond Baroque, Gala Hispanic Theater, and at universities around the country.
He is the executive director of DC WritersCorps, Inc., where he created the country’s first Youth Poetry Slam League, which was honored by President Clinton’s Commission for the Arts and the Humanities in 1999. He past president of the African American Writers Guild. He teaches creative writing at the Washington Writers Center and teaches youth writing workshops for Montgomery County Community College. He taught literature and media at Duke Ellington High School for the Arts for many years and is currently a case manager for UPO’s college readiness program. He has received several literary fellowships from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, and also received the Mayor’s Award for Service to the Arts. He was honored by both, the Howard University based DC Area Writing Project for his use of literature to support literacy, and by the Ludacris Foundation for his community service. He is married and the proud father of a daughter and two sons.



  1. Kim Bey says:

    This poem is hilarious! Loved it and the way it is presented in this video! Great work!!

  2. Robert Jackson says:

    LOL!!! had to watch/listen to this 5 times.

  3. Doug Pipkin says:

    stooooooooooopid…and brilliant at the same time. That drummer killed it on that raggedy set.

  4. Sandra Parker says:

    This is funny. Lived in DC for a couple of years. Yap.

  5. Irv M. says:


  6. Brandon Sanchez says:

    I went to Howard for 2 years in the late eighties and had a few friends that DC natives. This poem is hilarious as can be.

  7. Winnie K. says:

    had to play this several times to catch all the humor. funny as can be.

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