Spaces: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (A Rose Out of The Gardens, feat. Maria Fenton)

Maria Fenton is a playwright, entrepreneur, and artist. She is also the founding principal consultant of the creative works consulting firm, ArtLifeStyle. An experienced actress on the stage and in film, she has performed in productions in Boston, New York and The District of Columbia. This poem, “Rose”, is an extract from her play, Mistresspiece, published by ALS Publishing.


Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens

(From Site) Coming here in the 1800s,Walter Shaw found the wetlands were a good place to build his water garden. By building the paths that separate ponds from the tidal marsh, Shaw built a garden that would provide beauty and profit. His daughter, Helen, would become an ambassador for water gardening and the Shaw Gardens. It was Helen who would successfully lobby Congress to save the gardens from dredge operations in the Anacostia River, and accidentally save a section of the original marsh.



  1. L. Jackson says:

    Awwww yeah. I love the Aquatic Gardens and this poem and the shooting is amazing. That bumble bee that flew into the flower is a great shot!!!

  2. Cowealtha Clayton says:

    Maria Fenton adds a beautiful chapter to The Angle Bliss-story!

  3. Stacy Johnson says:

    Oh so beautiful! I AM SO GLAD I found the Angle. Just browsing the internet for some documentary inspiration and BAM! So powerful. So different!

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