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  • Latoya Thompson – Heritage 1933 and Entrepreneurship

    Latoya Thompson – Heritage 1933 and Entrepreneurship

    Latoya Thompson is the founder/CEO of natural beauty company, Heritage 1933™. Thompson founded Heritage 1933™ in 2015 in response to the narrow perceptions of beauty. Thompson’s personal story is the cornerstone of Heritage 1933™ mission. Living in shelters as a child, Latoya was determined to achieve personal success, and give back. Latoya uses her influence, as a fashion stylist & blogger to celebrate the natural beauty of all women. Moreover, as a newly certified yoga teacher, Thompson helps women for […]

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  • Profile: Entrepreneurship with Rabia Kamara & Ruby Scoops

    Profile: Entrepreneurship with Rabia Kamara & Ruby Scoops

    Located in Washington, D.C., Ruby Scoops is a local and online retailer of premium small batch ice creams, sorbets, sherbets, and desserts, all handcrafted and scratch made in Union Kitchen by Chef & Owner, Rabia Kamara. http://www.rubyscoops.com ABOUT RUBY SCOOPS Ruby Scoops came to fruition October 2014, when Rabia noticed the increasing rarity of consistent high quality local desserts. She decided it was time to help change that, all the while beginning to take steps to work for herself. Ruby […]

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  • Profile: Wax Candle Company by Jennifer Bryant

    Profile: Wax Candle Company by Jennifer Bryant

    Wax Candle Co. is a Washington, DC based boutique candle company that pairs all-natural soy candles with DJ curated mixtapes to create a unique aromatherapy listening experience. Wax is the brainchild of Jennifer Bryant, a proud 2007 graduate of Howard University. The idea for Wax grew out of Jennifer’s own afterwork ritual of coming home after a long day, lighting candles and listening to records. Music and candles instantly melted away the stresses of the day and helped to create […]

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  • Calvin Mackie: His Words

    Calvin Mackie: His Words

    Dr. Calvin Mackie is an award-winning mentor, a critically acclaimed author, an internationally renowned motivational speaker, and a successful entrepreneur. His message challenges the thinking of business people, government officials, educators and students and his content transcends issues of race, gender, ethnicity, religion, and political affiliation. Dr. Mackie is a compelling and inspirational speaker who brings his epic personal story, academic expertise, and incredible charisma to each of his award-winning presentations. From the Fortune 500 company to the owner-managed enterprise, […]

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