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  • Makiyah Moody: Who to Save

    Makiyah Moody: Who to Save

    Makiyah has been involved in the education reform movement for the last nine years serving in various roles at Leadership for Quality Education’s Charter School Resource Center in Chicago, KIPP Foundation in Chicago and KIPP LEAD College Prep in Gary, Indiana. She has experience in fundraising and grant management, event planning, professional development, and program design and implementation.

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  • Kareema Cockrell: Bluu

    Kareema Cockrell: Bluu

    Kareema Cockrell is a Syracuse, NY native now living in Washington DC.

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  • Tiffany “Traye” Raye: Rescue

    Tiffany “Traye” Raye: Rescue

    Tiffany “Traye” Raye hails from The Bronx, NYC. She shared with us while filming in Brooklyn. She’s a rising star on the poetry scene.

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  • Theo Hollingsworth: Working Towards Maat

    Theo Hollingsworth: Working Towards Maat

    Theo is a graduate of Howard University’s film program and is currently working in production.

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  • Bobby Beatz: Love

    Bobby Beatz: Love

    Bobby Beatz, Bio: I am a lot of things Rapper, Husband, Father, That Dude, Rap George Clooney, Vigilanty, Writer, Producer, Actor, Son, Abstract, Street, Backpack, Next Level, Addict, Old School, Issue to Issue, Child of the November Sky, Scorpion King, Epic Flow, Throwback, Steeler Nation, in progress, to be continued… From: Pittsburgh, DMV, MV, Brooklyn they are all home to me! http://soundcloud.com/kwame-is-beatz

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  • Naima Ramos-Chapman: The Perfect Man

    Naima Ramos-Chapman: The Perfect Man

    Naima hails from Brooklyn, NY. She describes her perfect man.

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  • Alphie and JB (lowercase letters): Can’t Won’t Rush

    Alphie and JB (lowercase letters): Can’t Won’t Rush

    Alphie and JB, also known as lowercase letters, came by the studios to share stories and songs. We had a great time with them. This was one of their gems. Follow them on Twitter (http://twitter.com/lowercaselmnop) and check out their links below. You can also buy their music on iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/a-g/id477750081). http://www.lowercaselettersmusic.com/ http://www.johnbeckhammusic.com/

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  • Mix: Hot Haiku Groove

    Mix: Hot Haiku Groove

    Carolyn Malachi: Songstress, musician, dancer, spoken word artist, and social philanthropist are just a few titles held by 2011 Grammy Nominee, Carolyn Malachi (CM). CM is a Washington DC native whose great-grandfather happens to be legendary Jazz pianist John Malachi (acc. Sarah Vaughan, Pearl Bailey, Al Hibbler). She was born from musical roots but did not grow into her talent until 2005, when she was a junior at Shepherd University. After taking a course in sound design, and awakening her sleepy college […]

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  • Paradise Gray: Love

    Paradise Gray: Love

    Hip-hops (Real Life) Forest Gump! Paradise Gray was raised in The South Bronx during the days of Reaganomics, the trickle down theory was in full effect. With live entertainment being financially inaccessible, the young people began to create their own forms of entertainment. This raw, new music scene crafted in the inner cities of New York is now affectionately known as “Hip-hop”. The voice of the ghetto that has grown to become a Multi-Billion Dollar industry that has in recent […]

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  • Ed Carter: Love Poem

    Ed Carter: Love Poem

    Ed Carter tells us about his love for a woman.

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