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  • Chonya Davis Johnson – America’s 5 Minute Advocate

    Chonya Davis Johnson – America’s 5 Minute Advocate

    CHONYA JOHNSON is America’s 5 Minute Advocate, Government Affairs consultant. She has trained thousands of citizens advocates from all over the United States to effectively influence Congress, state, and local governments. She is a former Legislative staffer, who worked for over a decade in the United States Congress. While working in Congress she gained valuable, first-hand experiences of the intricacies of government practices and the concerns of advocates, constituents and businesses. Chonya develops interactive advocacy training seminars for citizens and […]

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  • By Any Means Necessary – hosted by Eugene Puryear (Presidential Relatability)

    By Any Means Necessary – hosted by Eugene Puryear (Presidential Relatability)

    “By Any Means Necessary” is a radio show on Sputnik Radio hosted by Eugene Puryear. The show looks at political, social and economic movements. In this clip, Bomani Armah, China Dickerson and Sean Blackmon join Eugene for a discussion about Presidential relatability. https://www.facebook.com/bamnecessary/

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  • City Steps Perspectives: Warner Macklin III on the “Most Livable City”

    City Steps Perspectives: Warner Macklin III on the “Most Livable City”

    Warner Macklin III was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and is active in politics and business. We sat down to talk to Warner on the Martha Street Steps in Stanton Heights as a part of our series of interviews and art on the Pittsburgh City Steps. http://www.castlestrategicgroup.com/team.html —- By Albrecht Powell, About.com Guide (http://pittsburgh.about) While located at the point of three intersecting rivers, the city of Pittsburgh is also uniquely surrounded by hills – and lots of them. The […]

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  • Prashanth Shanmugan: Obama Becoming President

    Prashanth Shanmugan: Obama Becoming President

    (FROM WEB SITE) Donning his earth suit for the first time (in this life), in 1981, Prashanth, (known to his Dutch mates as PJ), began something called life. Raised in Sydney, Australia, he began exploring what the hell that meant. Not having a clue, he dove head first into the big wide amazing world. His explorations have included writing with invisible ink, speaking under wet cement, travelling to unknown lands, pondering global issues, questioning the human condition and the obligatory […]

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  • Episode #1: Entrepreneurial Activism (Busboys & Poets)

    Episode #1: Entrepreneurial Activism (Busboys & Poets)

    Busboys and Poets is a community gathering place. First established in 2005 Busboys and Poets was created by owner Anas “Andy” Shallal, an Iraqi-American artist, activist and restaurateur. After opening, the flagship location at 14th and V Streets, NW (Washington DC), the neighboring residents and the progressive community, embraced Busboys, especially activists opposed to the Iraq War. Busboys and Poets is now located in three distinctive neighborhoods in the Washington Metropolitan area and is a community resource for artists, activists, […]

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  • Abdul Ali: Obama

    Abdul Ali: Obama

    Abdul Ali is a culture writer, poet, editor, change agent, and proud papa of one–living in the District of Columbia since 2005. Originally from New York City, he lived in Baltimore for five years before moving to the District to attend the historic Howard University where he majored in English and Theater and began writing. An eclectic writer and die-hard culture junkie, his work ranges from personal essays, poetry, reviews, feature interview, culture writing, to a play in-progress, and one […]

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