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  • Wes Felton: Regrets

    Wes Felton: Regrets

    Wes Felton: Son of Jazz Legend and Pioneer Hilton C. Felton Jr. continuing his legacy of making musical footprints instead stepping into the shoes of conformity. This are just some of the over 20 records recorded by Wes Felton in the last 10 years. http://wesfelton.bandcamp.com/

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  • Rallo Boykins: Relationships

    Rallo Boykins: Relationships

    Funny man Rallo Boykins serves up some relationship rants. http://twitter.com/#!/ralloboykins

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  • Spaces: Clouds Marching (feat. Komplex with “Marching Song”)

    Spaces: Clouds Marching (feat. Komplex with “Marching Song”)

    “Where Langston Hughes meets Mos Def,” he walks like a poet and talks like an MC. Poet. Hip-Hop Artist. Host. Author. Actor. Educator. Professional. He closes his eyes and the stage becomes GOD’s ear; every poem a secret, every rhyme a confession. Torn between Hip-Hop and Spoken Word he owns the title of a writer and over the years has engraved his place as a master of the stage. Komplex aka K.o.M.-Mr. Keep On Moving. He has performed on BETJ’s […]

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  • Spaces: A Glimpse of Anacostia (feat. Akua & Kris, “Can’t Seem To Get You Off My Mind”)

    Spaces: A Glimpse of Anacostia (feat. Akua & Kris, “Can’t Seem To Get You Off My Mind”)

    Anacostia is a historic neighborhood in Washington, D.C. Its historic downtown is located at the intersection of Good Hope Road and Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue. It is the most famous neighborhood in the Southeast quadrant of Washington, located east of the Anacostia River, after which the neighborhood is named. Like the other quadrants of Washington, D.C., Southeast encompasses a large number of named neighborhoods, of which Anacostia and Capitol Hill are the most well known. Anacostia includes all of […]

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  • An Oasis in the Nation’s Capital

    An Oasis in the Nation’s Capital

    An Oasis in the Nation’s Capital, by Gemal Woods. As Producer and Director of The Angle, I try to explore new places, even those right around the corner. I’ve lived in DC for 13 years and I had never before made it to the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens until a couple of months ago. The artist Maria Fenton (who lives right around the corner) had suggested we shoot there.  I was floored by the raw beauty of these preserved wetlands. From […]

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  • Spaces: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (A Rose Out of The Gardens, feat. Maria Fenton)

    Spaces: Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (A Rose Out of The Gardens, feat. Maria Fenton)

    Maria Fenton is a playwright, entrepreneur, and artist. She is also the founding principal consultant of the creative works consulting firm, ArtLifeStyle. An experienced actress on the stage and in film, she has performed in productions in Boston, New York and The District of Columbia. This poem, “Rose”, is an extract from her play, Mistresspiece, published by ALS Publishing. http://www.alsconsultant.com   Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (From Site) Coming here in the 1800s,Walter Shaw found the wetlands were a good place to build […]

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  • Niṣṭha Raj: Her Music Journey

    Niṣṭha Raj: Her Music Journey

    Nistha Raj’s initial training in music began with western classical violin at the age of nine, which she pursued seriously until graduation from college. She received a B.A. in music with honors from the University of Houston in 2003. Although born and raised in the U.S., because of her Indian heritage, she was exposed to the classical music of India from her childhood and had an intense desire to delve deeper into a study of the music. http://nistharaj.com/

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  • Kareema Cockrell: Bluu

    Kareema Cockrell: Bluu

    Kareema Cockrell is a Syracuse, NY native now living in Washington DC.

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  • Young Tree: Poetic Struggle

    Young Tree: Poetic Struggle

    Kentry Kinard, also known as Young Tree, is a writer, journalist, activist, spoken word artist and emcee. http://theurbanrevival.com/

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  • Vera Oye Yaa-Anna: Food

    Vera Oye Yaa-Anna: Food

    Vera Oye Yaa-Anna, affectionately known as Auntie Oye, is executive producer of a West African dinner theatre, Palaver Hut. She teaches personal narrative to youth and adults through storytelling, dance, music, theatre and cuisine, transforming performance settings into West African villages. Her focus on storytelling as a healing art extends to her work as an artist-in-residence at Smith Farm, a health, education and arts organization for those affected by serious illness. http://www.oyepalaverhut.org/

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